Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I used to have a lawn but now I have...."

A message from my colleague who works with the new Lawn Reform Coalition about a fun little contest:

I'm a member of the new Lawn Reform Coalition, and today we are launching a national campaign to provide information on regionally appropriate lawn species, eco-friendly lawn care, and ways to reduce and replace lawn. (Here is our official press release : http://www.lawnreform.org/pressrelease.html.)

To celebrate our launch, one of our members is offering a contest, with copies of The American Meadow Garden as prizes, for those who finish the sentence, "I used to have a lawn, but now I have..." at this link: http://garden-chick.typepad.com/ (deadline Sept 30).

Friday, January 09, 2009

so excited about Backyard Harvest!

Wow!! I am amazed, heart-warmed & energized by the great turnout at last night's first public event for the new Backyard Harvest program, for which I serve as Program Coordinator. Over 100 people showed up, packed in & gave us great feedback & encouragement. Much gratitude to everyone who showed up & to my marvelous colleagues!

In a nutshell, Backyard Harvest is an urban farming program in the Twin Cities & is a program of the Permaculture Research Institute - Cold Climate. 2009 is our launch year & we're anticipating great success (or at least a fun season). To learn more about this exciting program, go here where you'll find a description, brochure, updates on events & more. I'm very proud to be working on this project in the service of our communities, urban farmers, urban food production & permaculture.

Anyone who wants to have a good time & show some love for my new project should show up at Merlins Rest Pub in Minneapolis on February 9th at 6:30pm. More info on the website.