Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January Top 10

10. This tree. This bulldozer. This pile of mineral. Discuss.

9. The swiss chard & kale here is out of this world! Must be the climate. I sometimes just eat a big ol' pile o' steamed chard for dinner. Y. U. M.

8. Manfred Max-Neef's theory on basic human needs - I'm completely in love with it.

7. New Year's Eve was spent making a deck of cards with my new friend Lacey. This silly & lovable task was lubricated by White Russians & a viewing of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. As you may have guessed, Kenny Rogers is indeed the King of Hearts but what the hell is up with his face these days, people? Terrifying.

6. Volunteering in the gardens at Occidental Arts & Ecology Center. This was my first visit to an organization that is considered by many to be highly influential & completely awesome in the realms of sustainable agriculture & intentional community. My attire was less than ideal for the drizzly, chilly weather. In fact, some dude actually scoffed at me. Scoffed! I did my best with what I had since Eli had yet to arrive with the bulk of my belongings. The weather deterred nothing at OAEC, however, & the assembled group enjoyed one another's company convivially discussing everything from socialist t-shirt sayings to "deviant" sexuality. Based on the lively companionship & the amazingly delicious lunch, I highly recommend a Wednesday volunteering at OAEC.

5. Xmas in Davis with Janelle (from my tiny hometown on the prairie), her husband Neil & their friends from Italy & Japan. Lesson learned: Apples to Apples IS a good game to play with foreigners!

4. Eli arrived with my stuff the second week in January which resulted in me being able to sit on actual furniture in my apartment. More ergonomic sitting for everyone!

3. Hiking & hanging out in Pepperwood Preserve

2. Starting my grad reading & courses has brought me much joy. I love the faculty, the students, the chihuahua. Engage in clickage to see some examples of what I've been reading. A series of annotated bibliographies to ensue soon....

1. Love. Wow.