Thursday, June 26, 2008

holy hell... what i've been catching for being a lazy blogger.

Speaking of holy hell, why not consider taking my online class this fall at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design? The class, entitled Sustainability or Else, is a 3-credit second-level introduction to sustainability & is part of MCAD's Sustainable Design Certificate. I'm incredibly excited to make my first official foray into the world of adjunct faculty. The course begins in late august so get your ducks in a row & your application materials in to the college.

While we're on the subject of education, Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden is offering a free Master's-level course online - Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Development. The course is part of the Institute's Master's program in Sustainable Development & features Natural Step Framework founder Karl-Henrik Robert as well as occasional cameos by my personal hero as of late, Manfred Max-Neef. Also offered are two Bachelor's level courses - Intro to Sustainable Engineering & Intro to Sustainability with Social Science Applications. Awesome!

Can I both teach & take an online course in sustainability? We may find out.